Silver Star Motors welcomes the Asian Community

Doncaster & Burwood Bilingual Representatives

Silver Star Motors are pleased to service the Asian community as we have proudly done so for the past 30 years in Doncaster, Burwood and surrounding suburbs.

With bilingual sales executives speaking Mandarin and Cantonese dialects, we are sure to tailor this experience to your specific needs at both Silver Star Motors sites in Doncaster and Burwood.

To contact one of our representatives please feel free to call the provided number at your convenient location today.

在過去的30年,Silver Star Motors 一直為華人社區及 周邊地區,包括Doncaster區、Burwood區及附近一帶的區域提供出類拔萃的服務,在華人圈子內更是有口皆碑、讚譽不絕。

本公司的華人銷售團隊能操說四種不同的語言,包括普通話及廣東話,並且是經驗豐富的業界精英、能瞭解及滿足閣下的需要。無論是來訪Doncaster 或 Burwood的陳列室,我們保證閣下均可享受到賓至如歸的服務。欲預約試駕或洽商購車事宜,歡迎致電本公司其下的專業顧問,我們定當為閣下作出妥善的安排。

Silver Star Motors Doncaster New & Pre-Owned Dealership Representatives
835 Doncaster Road, Doncaster. Vic 3108
Phone: (03) 8848 1266

Max Li- Doncaster Sales Executive

Jerry Ma- Doncaster Sales Executive

Silver Star Motors Pre-Owned Burwood Dealership Representatives
42 Burwood Highway, Burwood. Vic 3125
Phone: (03) 8831 5188

Bill Yu- Burwood Pre-Owned Sales Executive